Since 2006, the team at X5 Management has been supporting customers in a variety of industries with tailored Training, Coaching and Consulting Services to improve Sales Performance, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leadership Development and Communication.

X5 aligns teams to achieve. Our programs avoid bringing cookie cutter solutions to unique and industry specific challenges. We tailor our Coaching and Training Solutions to meet the needs of your organization and team.

X5 has a team of specialized trainers and coaches to support any business.

X5 believes in LRT (Like-Respect-Trust) and leverages this approach during our Discovery Meeting process as an opportunity to build LRT with new customers and members of their team. This is a critical value proposition when training and working with your team. It allows us to “seek to understand” why people do what they do and find out how they do it, before we ask them to change.

X5 recognizes that everyone has strengths and we start by leveraging those strengths and supporting other areas/habits that need ongoing improvement.

For positive change to be sustainable everyone needs to have some sense of ownership of that change and be accountable for his or her specific responsibilities and actions.

We are an award-winning Authorized Partner of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ program and Everything DiSC®.

X5 Management is Edmonton-based and has contributed to a long list of successful businesses in different industries.

Some valued customers include: Alberta Dental Association and College; Allwest Furnishings; Apergy Artificial Lift; Aquatera; Argus Machine; Bavaria BMW; Bissell Centre; Boston Pizza; Canadian Angus Association; Edmonton Convention Centre; Edmonton Oilers Entertainment Group; Elite Promotional Marketing; iRecover Addiction Treatment Centers; Keeran Networks; Lifting Solutions; Norwood Dental Centre; Orangetheory Fitness; R.B. Williams Industrial Supply; River City Events; Stahl Peterbilt; Tooth Works Dentistry and many more.